A Leader in the Servicing of Mobile Shears and Demolition Attachments

  • Heavy equipment repairs specializing in Caterpillar machines, engines, transmissions, pin and bushing work.
  • Retro fitting of shears, hammers and thumbs and Mobile Shear Service and equipment repair.
  • Gates and Caterpillar hose and fittings: Large stock of Hydraulic adapters and fittings.
  • At Pineridge Lisco Edwards our trained technicians service all brands, OEM and aftermarket SEAL kits.
  • Supply and installation of auxiliary single and bidirectional lines groups to operate shears, hammers, grinders.
  • Welding Modifications: Hydraulic cylinder resealing.
  • Cylinder Machining: Machining and re-tubing of your largest cylinder.
  • Major Shear repairs, rebuilding; supported by a large stock of La Bounty parts, wear items, SEAL kits, blade kits, etc..
  • Large capacity hydraulic cylinder bench: Strongest cylinder repair bench in Southern Ontario.
service and repairs

LaBounty has made PLE an Exclusive dealer and trained PLE’s mechanics at the Labounty Headquarters in Two Harbours, Minnesota where they each earned a Certificate for Advanced servicing and maintaining of Shears, Grapples and Processors.


They are conveniently located in Innisfil, centrally located within a day access to all Northern & Southern Ontario locations and eastward to Ottawa.


shear blades PLE
Labounty Blade kits PLE

Blade Kits in stock!

To keep your shear in top running performance, we carry Premium LaBounty blade kits with one of the largest inventories in Canada so there is less down time for you



Heavy Equipment Failure Will Cost Time On the job site failing equipment can take away from production time that is very valuable.

Common Problem Areas

Certain maintenance issues that come about in the field are neglecting to grease attachments when needed, using blades past the service life and failing to maintain blade gaps that are specified by the manufacturer.
On the operations side, a common mistake happens to be using shears for cutting items that are un-shearable, including hardened steel objects like axle shafts, railroad rails and truck springs.

Along with routine maintenance, there are other preventative measures that should be taken care of on a regular basis for the long haul. Know that when you choose PineRidge, you can be confident that not only will they complete the service they will teach your employees proper maintenance and up keep.




PineRidge are fully capable of assembling and disassembling the biggest hydraulic cylinders along with the re-chroming, re-packing and machining services for cylinders. They have Southern Ontario’s strongest cylinder repair bench.