The Leader in the Sales of Mobile Shears and Demolition Attachments
Due to their success, LaBounty has made PLE an Exclusive dealer and has trained PLE’s mechanics at the Labounty Headquarters in Two Harbours, Minnesota where they each earned a Certificate for Advanced servicing and maintaining of Shears, Grapples and Processors. When it comes to the sales and repairs of Shears, PLE’s mechanics know them inside out.

La Bounty Mobile Shears

La Bounty Mobile Shears are great products. The latest engineering technology used ensures long life span, maximal performance, safe usage and ease of maintenance. La Bounty currently has mobile shears that are ideal for: scrap metal processing, demolition, road and bridge construction wood demolition and recycling and building demolition.


Pine Ridge Lisco Edwards Specializes in Excavators With Demolition Attachments

The Mobile Demolition Processor
The Mobile Demolition Processor (MDP) is a very powerful one cylinder attachment used to crush and process concrete efficiently. The MDP’s are designed for carriers from 18-70 ton. They are used for both recycling and demolition of concrete.
The advantage of LaBounty’s MDP’s are an easily changeable cracker or pulverizer jaw set, 360 degree rotation and shift lock teeth. It has an unmatched power to weight ratio making it the industry leader.
  • Reversible Saber tip-less maintenance and more operating time
  • Longer life span due to special forged cylinders that are highly panted
  • Reduced jamming because of good jaw alignment and dual guides
  • Flexibility since it has models that make 360 degree turn
  • Over 30 Years of Heavy Equipment Experience
  • Regulated speed since it has efficient speed valves
The La Bounty & Pine Ridge Partnership
La Bounty concrete pulverizers are meant for controlled demolition and recycling using the latest technology for quiet operation. All models have SWIFT LOCK teeth that allow very quick field change.
Pine Ridge Lisco Edwards have certified La Bounty technicians providing high quality, efficient service for all your construction, recycling and demolition needs.
  • Very fast and easy maintenance due to swift lock teeth
  • Easy changeable pivot that has been hardened
  • Very efficient cutting and gathering capabilities because it has latest effective apexed jaw blades
  • Installation is easy and quick since the usable couplers has a bolt on the mounting bracket included
  • 360 degrees power rotating blade gives much flexibility
  • The balanced achieved by the power-to-weight match allows use of smaller excavators
  • Very less excavator movement because of best reach and working range
  • High versatility is ensured by interchangeable concrete cracking jaw and pulverizer jaw